Our Mission

Is to perpetuate the adoption and use of Bitcoin and other digital assets, as well as to provide trusted and secure investment vehicle(s), thereby relieving our investors of the immense pressure of fully mastering the complex ecosystem of digital assets.

Our Vision

Is a future where Bitcoin and other digital assets are recognized as a safe, accepted and useful asset class, adopted on a mass scale and with practical real-world application.

Our Purpose

Is to develop cultural and economic awareness surrounding the infinite potential of Bitcoin, digital assets and blockchain technology, both as an investment class and a powerful, decentralized substitute to the outdated and inequitable financial system and monetary policy still in use today.
Cloud Fire Capital

Is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which we believe provides us with a significant competitive edge in the digital ecosystem. This is largely due to the fact that CFC will be one of the very few actively managed digital asset investment funds to launch in the area, with only 150+ comparable funds in the entire United States that are not solely machine driven.

CFC will give our investors an opportunity to diversify their portfolio(s), without the added pressure of fully conceptualizing something so premature in its existence. Cloud Fire Capital's main objective is to help establish this unprecedented technology and asset class as a dominant presence within our future economic construct. We see the revolutionary potential in a decentralized economy, not only for the unmatched financial independence but, also the infinite technological innovation that could arise from such a secure and independent digital ledger. CFC is prepared for this societal transition, and we possess a great deal of confidence about the tremendous monetary gains that will ensue.