What is the relationship of Cloud Fire Capital to CFC Bitcoin Fund?
Cloud Fire Capital serves as the General Partner to CFC Bitcoin Fund.
Who can invest in CFC Bitcoin Fund?
Right now, CFC Bitcoin Fund is open to "accredited investors" only. This means that
a prospective investor must meet or surpass a minimum annual earnings
or net worth threshold. Please feel free to reach out to us at
for clarification on whether or not you meet these requirement(s).
Where do I have to reside in order to invest in the Fund?
CFC Bitcoin Fund is currently open to U.S. based investors.
How much do I have to invest?
Most private investment funds do have a minimum commitment amount and CFC
Bitcoin Fund is no different, however, we realize that extenuating circumstances
may sometimes prevent one from being able to meet this requirement. As a result, Cloud
Fire Capital is willing to go above and beyond to work with our prospective
investors in order to ensure that we come up with a plan together, that will meet the
needs of your specific financial situation.
How long will Cloud Fire Capital keep my investment(s) tied up?
Each individual investment will be subject to a 1 year "lock up" period. This means that
an investor will not be able to request the return of their funds for at least 1 full
year. Please bear in mind that CFC Bitcoin Fund is designed to be a long-term investment vehicle
and that maximum return on investment is anticipated to take place over
the span of several years.
Which digital assets will CFC Bitcoin Fund invest in?
The Fund will deploy an array of due diligence methodologies when determining
exactly which assets will be targeted for investment and what strategies will be
utilized. As a Bitcoin-first company, Bitcoin has and will always play a significant role in the Fund's
overall investment strategy, however, attention will also be focused on other established digital
assets, often from a bi-directional standpoint.
What kind of return can I expect on my investment(s)?
Generally speaking, an individual investor's ROI will vary, depending on a multitude
of factors including investment amount and time of entry into the market, among
other things. Cloud Fire Capital is very confident that, over the next several years, CFC
Bitcoin Fund will yield annual returns in excess of those offered by most comparable
investment vehicles. If you'd like to have a more thorough discussion regarding
ROI applicable to your specific situation, please feel free to reach out to us at
Can I invest in CFC Bitcoin Fund using my IRA
or retirement account(s)?
Absolutely. Cloud Fire Capital has implemented a quick and efficient process
for allowing prospective investors to redirect their IRA or retirement account(s)
into the Fund. Typically, this process can be completed inside of a week, and is very easy
and straightforward. Please feel free to reach out to us for more
information on how to start this process.