Is It Too Late To Invest In Bitcoin?
(Short answer.)
January 6, 2021
Even though it is considered to be poor form to answer a question with a question, we’ll go that
route. Was it too late to invest in Bitcoin when the price was $12.00? Or $100.00? Or
$1,000.00? Or $10,000.00? Because these same concerns have clung to Bitcoin’s meteoric rise
in price since 2012. This is no coincidence. Bitcoin continues to put enormous pressure on a
failing monetary system, the process of which has been sped up 1000 times over as a result of
fiscal decisions made throughout 2020. We start a war, and print more money. We make a bad
policy decision, and print more money. We create a new federal program, and print more
money. We face an existential crises, and print more money. And so it has been, since the
inception of Central Banks. Yet, it always seems to end in the same way. Traditional fiat
currencies tend to lose over 99% of their value within 300 years, and we are right on pace.
Every government and every Central Bank believes that they are smart enough to do better
than those who preceded them. So in essence, “What we’ve got here, is failure to
communicate. Some men you just can’t reach.” -Cool Hand Luke (1967), The Captain’s Speech.

It is certainly not too late to invest in Bitcoin, and many other digital assets for that matter.
Many people will, however, miss this call. And they will look back in 3 or 5 or 10 years and
wonder how that was even possible. The next decade will be explosive for our industry, and it is
proving a difficult and tedious task to assess an appropriate monetary value to something so
powerful and with potentially reality-shifting capabilities. We just don’t know exactly what it is
we’re dealing with yet, and we may not know for several years or decades to come. What we
do know is that life in 2030 is unlikely to resemble life in 2020. What we do know is that a large
portion of our existence resides in a digital realm, only accessible with passwords, fingerprints,
facial recognition and various AI software. What we do know is that history repeats, everything
is cyclical. Looking back at our previous post-halving years (halving = decrease in supply of BTC
mined into existence) in 2013 and 2017, we see parabolic rises in the value of Bitcoin and many
other digital assets, and we are once again at the very beginning of this cycle, following the
most recent halving that took place on May 11, 2020. So where do we go from here? Only time
will tell. We, of course, do have a conservative six figure value in mind for the end of 2021, but
like all other price projections, this is speculative. We are all likely to be blown away by this
asset class in the coming year, even those of us who study and research the space on a daily
basis. As we try to remain moderate in our views, and maintain a healthy, robust and practical
outlook towards what the future holds for this industry, it is becoming more and more apparent
that Bitcoin represents something far greater than the birth of a new asset class or a futuristic
store of value, or even digital gold. Bitcoin is the collective, cumulative, monetized energy of a
rapidly evolving synergy between the basic needs of humanity and the integration of those
needs into a completely digitized society.